I am here to help! Below are some questions that I hear often. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have something you would like to ask or talk through!

Have Questions?

What clothes should I wear?

What is the best time of day for a photo session?

I feel awkward in front of the camera. Will my pictures still turn out good?

What types of payment do you accept?

What is included in the price?

Can I order print products, in addition to my digital files?

How do you pick the location for each session?

In terms of lighting (which, believe me - can transform your photos!), the best time of day for a photo session is about two hours before sunset. The specific time of sunset changes depending on the time of year of course, but don't worry - we can search that online! If this timing does not work for you, that is okay - we can still work around this! Send me a quick message, and we'll talk about what time is best for you.

After you decide you would like to book a photo session with me, you will receive a quick online questionnaire which will help us nail down what location would be best specifically for you - based on where you live and what type of environment you are most excited about (woods & fields, downtown, beach, etc.). I am happy to make suggestions for you based on my past experience!

This answer is a little less clear-cut, because it depends on your specific style! However, there are some things that generally photograph better than others, and some basic principles to follow.

If you are booking a family session, I would recommend trying to coordinate, but not completely "match". In other words, you do not all need to be wearing the same pattern or color - you just need to make sure that everything looks good together. Think of it as putting together your outfit as an individual - you would want to find things that complement each other, even though they are each different. If one of you is wearing something with a lot of pattern on it, another of you could wear a solid print to balance that out.

It may help to lay out all of your planned outfits on the bed or the couch, and just take a look at them side by side. You can also search different color palettes online (ex "fall color palette").

When thinking about your outfits, I also recommend that you keep in mind the location that your session will be in, and what type of colors will compliment that. This is where I come in - please feel free to message me at any time and use me as a resource!

If it is cold outside, I recommend adding layers (sweaters, scarves, canvas jackets. etc.). Try to avoid bulky or puffy jackets - they tend not to be flattering, especially on young children, as jackets tend to cover their necks and faces.

I love the look of button down shirts, neutral or pastel colored pants, casual dresses or skirts, etc. - not completely dressed down but not overly fancy either. Although you are free to choose whichever style you like, based on what fits your personality!

Most of all, don't overthink it, make sure that you choose something you feel is flattering for you, and makes you feel really comfortable. Have fun with it, and feel free to accessorize!

I am interested in a maternity session. When should I schedule it?

It is generally recommended that you take photos at about 30 weeks into your pregnancy, however this date is absolutely flexible based on the time of year, or if you find out you will be having the baby a bit earlier, etc. Shoot me a message and we'll talk!

Do you use props?

What is your availability?

I generally do not use props in my photos - I like to focus on capturing the simplicity of the subject/family together and the moments of connection within that. If you have a prop that has sentimental value or that you are really interested in using, send me a quick message and we'll talk it through!

I am well acquainted with feeling awkward, and I feel your pain! If I were to guess, I would say at least 75% of the people I photograph feel at least a bit uncomfortable at first, because this isn't something most people do every day! So I like to encourage my clients that they are not alone if they are a bit nervous before taking pictures. Your photos will still turn out beautiful! Some of the people who told me they were nervous before their sessions are now on the front page of my website. Don't worry about it - and remember that feeling awkward can often lead to a smile! :)

Payment is due on the day of your session. By then you will have received an online proposal from me which outlines what you are paying for, and includes your invoice and model release. Through your online client portal you can pay by ACH/electronic check, or credit card.

If you prefer to pay by cash or a physical check, that is totally fine as well! Just close out of the browser after signing your model release, and bring the payment to your session.

Generally I am available any day of the week, except Sundays. I have a super easy scheduling tool that allows you to see all of my availability and choose a date that works for you, eliminating the back & forth of email scheduling! Click here to choose a date for a family session, or here for an extended family session. For all other types of sessions, shoot me a message with the type of photography or film you are interested in, and I'll send you a link to the custom scheduling tool!

The photography prices listed on this site include the session itself (normally up to an hour), and all of the high-resolution digital files from the session, including basic edits such as color correction, cropping, etc. Your digital files will be delivered through an online gallery where you can download them. The number of files ranges, but is usually around 60-85. You are free to print these, and/or post them online for personal use!

If the session is a significant distance from New Boston, NH, there may be an additional travel fee added. If you are booking a family session with more than one immediate family, contact me for pricing!

Yes, absolutely! Although print products are not included in the initial price, you will have the opportunity to order prints, wall art, albums, cards, etc. directly through the online gallery where your images are delivered. The products are printed through a very high quality professional company that I have worked with for years.

I would encourage you to do this, as the ultimate goal of taking photos is displaying them! I personally have photos in frames all over my home, as well as a large display of about 20 framed photos on our living room wall. 

Sometimes it is hard to get around to ordering prints, so when you first receive your gallery, you should also receive an offer for a discount if you order within the first two weeks of your session (to give you some motivation!).



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