Tailored for New England Product-Based Businesses

We believe in you.

The creative entrepreneur who needs to bring your 

products to life with professional images and video. We’ll partner with that same creativity and passion that brought your business to life — and make branding magic happen. 

The creative  

entrepreneur who needs to bring you products to life with professional images and video. We’ll partner with that same creativity and passion that brought your business to life — and make branding magic happen. 

Imagine the possibilities if you could . . . 

Increase your working knowledge about videography and photography with easy-to-implement steps

Improve your skills with real time, in-person training — while networking with other creative bosses

Take your social media and web presence to the next level and connect your products with your people on a weekly basis

Spark your creativity with the Brand Visual Workshop

I'm in!

All for just $425!

Welcome to our creative branding workshop, complete with a delightful training duo (aka Alyssa and Caitlin), yummy snacks, drinks, and lunch (because we know we’re all happier with a pretty little spread to snack on), and a gorgeous studio filled with natural light.

 Let’s be honest. Being a business owner can be slightly lonely unless we intentionally craft the time to meet with others and try things we never thought we could do. We’re all about learning from each other and growing our businesses to better the world around us. Some time with other creatives can help you grow your visual talents while also bringing your game and joy in the journey to the next level!

 Leave our one day, 5-hour session, with a few images, the tools you need, some new friends, and all the confidence to rock your own images and videos today and for the future.

July 30, 2022

The Newburyport StudiO
newburyport, MA


Investment: $425

Yes, this is for me!

All the details

✔ How Lighting Impacts the Final Look
✔ Prepping Your Environment for the Ultimate Workflow
✔ Styling the Shot

✔ Easy steps to using a DSLR in Manual Mode
✔ Basic Camera Settings
✔ Styles for Days (Includes flatlays, simply styled, lifestyle, packaging highlights, etc.)

Creating Photo & Video Spaces






✔ Using an iPhone Gimbal
✔ How to Make the Shot (includes proper angles & distances)
✔ Movement Within the Shot 
✔ Timing Your Video Clips to Music

Videography Skills



✔ Use your newly acquired tips and tricks to capture beautiful product visuals in the professionally styled studio setups
✔ Get instant feedback from Alyssa + Caitlin on your images
✔ Bounce ideas off and work together with other product entrepreneurs in the gorgeous studio space




We want to be sure you leave completely confident — and can concentrate on the tasks at hand without worrying about notes!
We’ll send you home with —

Let's Put It On The Calendar

Photo and Video Quick Reference Cards

A Photo Reference Booklet with inspirational images for each “type of shot” we go over 

Tips on Scheduling Shooting Days and More

A Video Reference Booklet that explains camera movements for video

A Professional Headshot Image

Parking fee & Lunch (with snacks and drinks) included 

A Couple of Coupons to Our Favorite Studios & Prop Sources

Bring a Product and Camera to Shoot images of your own in the Gorgeous Space

All for just $425!

Alyssa Gordon and Caitlin Wall

Owners of Alyssa Joy and Co. and Caitlin Wall Photography & Films

Alyssa and Caitlin met at a local networking event and have been partnering on projects and collaborations ever since. With Alyssa’s love for cohesive branding strategies from concept to completion and Caitlin’s eye for telling captivating stories, they’ve found their creative mojo with each other!

They are passionate about serving small business owners with purpose-filled branding, photography, and video — creating the visual platform for entrepreneurs to tell their stories.

Alyssa Gordon

Co-Founder & Brand Photographer

Caitlin Wall

Co-Founder & Brand Videographer

Alyssa set aside her “day job” back in 2013 to do two things — to stay home with her little girl and to gain freedom doing something she loved. Ten years later, Alyssa is a beloved brand photographer and graphic designer. She is still the happiest when she's hanging with her girl and creating with her camera. Alyssa thrives in helping product-based businesses capture images that convert while dominating their web space with beauty and intentionality.

Caitlin's first love was photography and she dedicated 10+ years to finding the perfect shot. A few years ago, she stumbled into videography and fell completely head over heels for her newfound art form! Working with New England artists and creators as well as national brands, she has been honing in on her authentic filming style, using light and motion to tell each brand's story in a unique and compelling way.

Visit Alyssa's Portfolio

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Trusted by top brands like:


​​Caitlin was a pleasure to work with! She not only brought amazing talent and professionalism to the shoot but also filled the room with smiles making it easy to relax and be myself. The final product was exquisite and I am excited to work with her again in the future for product videos.


of Maple Leaf Pottery


We are so thankful for Alyssa and her professional and creative photography of our products! She breathed life into our brand and gave us great content to build our website and social media. Since sharing the photos on social media and redoing our website, we have increased sales and gained attention of major retailers interested in distributing our products and even a few venture capitalists interested in buying our company. It's been an exciting year, and we look forward to what 2021 holds for our company and will continue to use and recommend Alyssa's photography services!


of Femallay


We love working with Alyssa for our social accounts! She has a great eye for branding and photography and really takes the time to understand our brand's voice and goals. The monthly process with her is simple and easy—a lot of fun as well! We always look forward to the creative ideas she comes up with for each month and are wowed by her beautiful photography.

Voesh, NY


Caitlin, from Caitlin Wall Photography & Films, is great to work with and a professional every step of the way. I would recommend Caitlin for all your video and photography needs as she will make your company look better than you would ever think it could!


Of sourcepak

Hurry - Only 10 slots available!


> Yes, this session is limited to 10 people max! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and really working with our attendees to feel confident with their new skills.

Your smartphone, a DSLR (don't have one? It's okay - see the next question), and a desire to learn new skills, have fun and make new friends!

We highly encourage brands to invest in a simple DSLR camera (trust me, it will be worth the investment) BUT a lot of the principles we will go over at the workshop can be applied to taking images with any device. We will also have some additional DSLR cameras available to try your new skills on, if you'd like. The videography portion of the workshop will be taught using mobile devices.

We are planning on doing other sessions that focus on different aspects of photography and videography so stay tuned! 

This workshop is tailored for New England product-based businesses who are growing and need a specific style for their images and videos, but need to make it on their own for a while. We’re here to help cheer you on and give you the tools you need to succeed!

The workshop will be hosted at The Newburyport Studio in downtown Newburyport, MA. We’re over the moon about the space in northern MA and can’t wait to share tips with you on how to get the best spots to shoot with natural light and the right vibes. For reference, it takes about 45 minutes to drive from Boston. 

We will have some instructional time, fun breaks (including a yummy lunch break!), and hands-on practice time to get a feel for what we’re learning together! 

You’ll get everything in the Workshop training plus parking reimbursement, swag bag, professional headshot, and lunch with coffee, drinks, and snacks and access to the post-workshop exclusive Facebook group. We want you to sit back and relax your way into the best 5 hours of your creative training!

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer a refund on any purchase. If you are unable to attend the day of, let us know as soon as possible. We’ll be sure to send you the printed materials and gifts we prepared for you and offer a 50% off pass to the next event we have!